Friday, October 12, 2012

Snack Patterns

Punky's ready for snack, which means I have to take a break from spelling tests, explaining projects and discussing afternoon plans to get her a snack.  She dug through the pantry and pulled out this s'more snack mix that I made for Brownies earlier in the week.  The recipe suggested melting the chocolate and drizzling it over the other ingredients, but I opted to save a few minutes of time and just toss them all together like a trail mix.  Our mix contained Teddy Grahams, miniature marshmallows (which remind me of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms) and milk chocolate chips.  Perfect snack for Punky, perfect for a toddler activity with Mom.  Who doesn't like to play with their food?

We made our bears stand in line.  We separated them by chocolate chips.  We made an A-B pattern.  We continued to make multiple patterns.  Punky figured them out each time.  And then we ate our patterns.  In order, of course!  Next week I will give her candy corn & candy pumpkins and encourage her to make her own patterns.

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