Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rapid fire blog updates!

Last week I sent a text to check in with a dear friend.  Unfortunately, I've been a bit remiss as of late, and have been bad about communicating with her.  She mentioned the blog, which I had failed to update for a while.  I promised to be better, so I'm giving her (and you) plenty to read this weekend!  
I'm just going through my photos and posting away.  This might be a great indicator of just exactly why I haven't had much time to blog...I've been too busy having fun!  :)

Oh, and here's a pic of my beautiful girls on a cool, fall afternoon.  They wanted to play outside but it was <50 and="and" bundled="bundled" girls="girls" headed="headed" love="love" nbsp="nbsp" out.="out." p="p" so="so" these="these" they="they" up="up">

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