Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Oreo moon

Belle has been studying space for a while.  She is very interested so we've been working through a fairly in-depth unit study.  Last weekend, she was thrilled to complete a phases of the moon activity with our resident space expert, Daddio!

I asked him to grab some of our favorite Oreo-type cookies: Newman's Own.  Scrumptious science time!  After reviewing the phases of the moon and why we only see certain portions of the moon reflecting the sun's light at certain times of the month, he showed her the phases and their names using an iPhone app (yay, integrating technology!).  Then, the two cookie monsters set to work creating the phases of the moon.  Every time someone made a mistake, there was lots of giggling and cookie crunching.  Amazing how many cookies it took to make these moon phases.  ;-P

PS...Thanks to Pinterest for this activity idea!

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Suzan @ Welcome to the Nut House said...

Okay, this is just too cool!