Sunday, October 21, 2012

3 Sweeties Crafty Creations

A couple weeks back, the girls participated in our homeschool group's craft bazaar.  The intention was for the girls to learn about entrepreneurship, supply & demand, economics, etc...all without realizing.  Sneaky homeschooling!

We were unable to participate in the craft bazaar last year, but my kids have been planning what they could make to sell since then.  Belle wanted to make teething necklaces & Sunshine had great plans to make crocheted goods, and then we learned hw to make yoyos at the quilting store.  Plans changed.  We decided to make yoyos and turn them into headbands, hair clips and hair bands.  They really were cute!  We had a handful of Halloween & fall themed yoyos, and some made with scrap fabric we had in our stash.  We also had teething necklaces, some mummy votive holders, and one crocheted wash cloth.  :)

They did well and walked away with $15.  We didn't spend too much considering most of the supplies we used were leftovers or part of our stash, so I told the girls they could keep the money.  I hid it away for a rainy day, though.  They haven't asked about it, and I honestly think they just enjoyed the experience.

Punky enjoyed the candy booth most of all!  

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