Saturday, March 24, 2012

Red, purple, two, thirty-seven, sweet, pretty, thoughtful, sassy...


We have spent quite a bit of time over the past couple of years learning what adjectives are, making lists, playing games, and adding spice to our writing.  It's just not enough!  I love spicy writing, and my kids know that.  I encourage my kids to use colorful language...but not that kind you may think of!  Ha!

I found this cute, homemade adjective poster on Pinterest (we can discuss that love affair later).  I decided to recreate the poster on cardstock.  Surrounding the large word there are several descriptions of what adjectives could be.  I covered those with post-it notes, then presented my homemade poster to Belle.  She pulled the post-its off, one-by-one, and used the description to think of more adjectives.  Then, she glued the post-its on a piece of black paper.  We put both pages into plastic sleeves and taped them together.  Laid flat, they are a perfect poster, and folded in half they can go straight into her learning notebook.  This was just the first of many adjective activities, which I happily borrowed (and bought) from the same blog where I found this poster.

FYI (because many ask):  We do not have/use a language arts curriculum.  I have a language arts book, purchased from Half Price Books, that I use to help with scope and sequence for Belle's language & grammar development.  We used it for a while, but she quickly tired of the activities.  We prefer more hands on, less worksheet/fill in the blank.  

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