Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dr. Seuss' Birthday Celebration

March 2nd is the anniversary of Texas' independence from Mexico.  We celebrated, of course!  But we started that day by celebrating something else that has impacted millions...the birthday of Theodor Geisel...Dr. Seuss.  That day is also dubbed Read Across America Day.  A fellow homeschooling mom coordinated a celebration for a group of about 30 kiddos at the local library.  Each family sponsored a booth that correlated a Dr. Seuss story.  The family was responsible for providing a game or activity for each kid, and when the child completed the activity they received a stamp (sticker) in their Seussville Passport.  At the end of the event, when the passports were full of stickers, the kids received an honorary degree in Seussology.  It was a lot of fun and very minimal work, considering the numerous great activities my kids had at their fingertips.

Our family was responsible for Thing1 & Thing2 handprints.  I was inspired by Pinterest and planned to do these with my kiddos, so I just expanded my plan.  Honestly, it went much better than I anticipated.  Our organizer's mom attended the event, and she helped each kiddo wash their hands in the adjoining kitchen as they completed their handprint activity.  Whew!  She was a lifesaver!!!

After the birthday party, we went on to IHOP for some Lorax themed lunch.  Green eggs & ham, Truffula Tree pancakes, Cat in the Hat French Toast...delicious and perfect with our theme!  We followed our lunch with a trip to the theater to see The Lorax in 3-D.  Punky even wore her glasses the entire time (and eventually fell asleep).  We munched popcorn and Swedish Fish (One Fish, Two Fish...).

Before our Texas themed dinner, we had time for one more birthday treat.  Truffula Tree cupcakes.  I grabbed some store-bought mini cupcakes, used paper straws as tree trunks, and cotton candy became the puffy top.  The kids loved them, and I was pretty proud of my creation.

I decided to collage our pictures from this day because we had so many cute ones.  I love making these memories with my girls!

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