Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fun Friday!

When we're not going crazy to keep up with our calendar, we try to take Friday off from most traditional "school work" and have a FUN day!  The girls still complete math lessons (on the computer, takes about 30 minutes each) and can choose to read or write while the other is working.  After we get that behind us we're ready for fun!  Some weeks we'll plan a special field trip, last week we met up with the Trail Explorers, sometimes it's a fun activity or a project, a new craft, cooking/baking day, etc.  We live for Fun Friday!

This week, taking my cue from my favorite t.v. show, Modern Family, we decided to try our hand at an egg drop activity.  I didn't give the girls any rules except to use something out of the recycle bin.  And no craft supplies (this was after Sunshine pilfered a pipe cleaner chenille stem).

I told them they could work together or independently.  Sunshine wanted to work alone, Belle wanted a partner.  I suggested she work with Daddy.  This gave her a bit of an unfair advantage since he has a tad bit of background knowledge regarding aerodynamics and float.  I decided to even the playing field I'd offer Sunshine some tips, or at the very least, ask her some pointed questions.  After all, I really wanted her to use critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Belle and Daddy designed a helicopter-like propellor to affix to a hot air balloon type basket.  It was interesting, and I was a doubter.  ;)
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It didn't take long and Sunshine had retrieved a plastic container and a pipe cleaner.  She had a plan in mind and was ready for her first test.
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While the girls were working on their project, Punky had a project of her own.  She was playing in the corn meal.  She kept calling it her sand box.  She really enjoyed running her fingers through it, filling her spoons, and making a mess!
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After the egg contraptions were tested (and I've been assured there will be more building and testing) we decided to make dessert on the trampoline.  I poured a box of pudding mix into a quart size bag, added the milk and zipped it carefully.  Then, I placed the bag inside another, and then inside another.  The kids were out jumping on the trampoline, so I gave them the bag.  They each took turns jumping to mix the pudding.  Within minutes we had dessert!  Yummo!
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Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Love the cornmeal exploration! Your daughter looks like she had a great time! tHe simple things are the best! We recently discovered cloud dough and it is awesome. Will do a post on this soon! 8 cups of flour and one cup of baby oil in a huge plastic bin with toy animals and sand box or play dough tools! Thanks for sharing your blog!

Moma said...

We love cloud dough! At our homeschool co-op last fall, I led a preschool class that was basically a storytime with songs, crafts, sensory play, etc. We read Little Cloud and one of our activities was making cloud dough. The kids loved it! Punky LOVES playing with any kind of dough! :)