Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A party inspired by Winter...but not the season

This year, Punky & Belle had bookend birthdays, on either side of a busy weekend.  We discussed having one big party, but since they're six years apart it was kind of difficult to plan something that would fit both of their preferences.

Belle started out her party planning with a camping theme.  We were going to meet at a local park/campground, play games, eat camping food, and then stay overnight with families who also enjoy camping.  That theme went away as soon as she saw the movie "Dolphin Tale" twice in one weekend. She was in love, and wanted a dolphin themed party.  Off I went to Pinterest.  There wasn't as much information there as I'd hoped, so we broadened our search to include "under the sea" and "ocean" themed parties.  I also called in my trusty co-planner, my hubby.  He is good at coming up with clever food names.  Belle has always wanted a swimming party, so we reserved party space at the local indoor pool...good thing because it was really rainy and COLD on party day.  

Everyone had a great time, and after most of her friends had departed, we let Belle and Sunshine climb the rock wall.  They love doing this, and it is so great for them.  They got lots of exercise and gained a lot of confidence, too!

And I am SO glad the weekend went off without a hitch!

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