Sunday, October 16, 2011

9/11 Ceremony

This was our third year to attend the city's 9/11 memorial ceremony.  We appreciate all that our city does to commemorate the lives lost on that day.  The pictures speak volumes...

Punky sleeps through the ceremony, even the rifle shots.  :)

 The flag suspended between two ladders.

A flag was placed in the ground in memory of each life lost.  This was just a portion of the flags.  It was overwhelming to see.

The girls with Papaw in front of a piece of steel from Tower 2.  This will be used in the memorial that is under construction in McKinney.

The girls wanted to have their pictures taken with heroes, so we asked these two men.  One is a firefighter, the other a police officer...and they're brothers.  Don't you know they have proud parents?

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