Friday, September 09, 2011

A home for the t.v. buttons

We have 4 sets of t.v. buttons in our family room. They became the t.v. buttons when Sunshine was a little bitty, and we needed a very literal description of them. Mostly so we could say, "No, you must leave the t.v. buttons in here. The t.v. buttons are not a toy. You cannot use the t.v. buttons to call ____ (insert grandparent name here)." She's not a little bitty anymore, but they're still the t.v. buttons.

The t.v. buttons float around the house and get lost easily. I decided that in our new living room we needed a special place for the buttons. A special place that grubby little fingers couldn't disturb. A basket!

I was on the search for a long & narrow basket that would fit all 4 remotes. I also wanted one that was dark in color. Ha! A tall order, especially since I cant' rationalize paying $20 for a basket. Instead, I picked up this simple basket for $3.99 (plus a discount):

I added a little spray paint leftover from another project:

And ended up with this, which is a tad darker than I expected, but I really do like it! I think the dark color makes the basket look like it cost more than $3.99.

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