Thursday, September 08, 2011

Breakfast, anyone?

We have a pretty set morning routine...Punky wakes up, comes to our bed, has nino besh, and then pounds on the wall until one of her sisters comes to get her. (That's when I pull myself out of bed and stagger to the kitchen for coffee...not a morning person!)

Earlier this week, it was Belle who came in to get Punky. It was taking me a few minutes more than normal to get up, but since our bedroom backs up to the main part of the house I could hear their entire conversation. Belle asks Punky, "Would you like Clifford cereal with your banana?" Punky replies by pouring entire contents of said cereal on her table. Oops! :) It was all okay, because Daddy helped Punky scoop it into a big bowl and then pour an acceptable serving into one of her little, purple bowls.

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