Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vitality meatloaf!

The girls and I are active in our homeschool group's American Girl Club. We spend a few months studying the historical dolls and their time periods. We are currently 2 months into our study of Molly McEntire, a young girl who supported the WWII effort on the homefront. During our study of each doll, one meeting is dedicated to the food of the time period. Each girl is responsible for making and sharing one dish from the doll's recipe book. Yesterday we shared fried bacon (YUM!) and Vitality Meatloaf.

Since frying bacon is pretty dangerous, I let both girls help with the meatloaf. Then Belle helped me put the bacon into a container after it was cool. They love helping in the kitchen, and I love having help!

Through this activity, they learned that people on the homefront truly believed that by eating healthy and working hard would help the American soldiers win the war. V is for vim, vigor, vitality, vitamins and VICTORY!!

Sunshine and Belle with their ingredients and tools:

Belle chopping an onion (great way to relieve stress!):

Sunshine chopping parsley (they were shocked that I let them use the big knife):

Ready for the oven!

Presenting their recipe to the group:

Another recipe that they tried (made by another family) was Vitamin A Salad:

Punky enjoying some 1940s menu options. ;)

Drawing on the board...this is just before she started drawing on the wall. And then our friend had to call her husband to bring a magic eraser to our rescue. Whew!!

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