Thursday, August 25, 2011

Food is energy!

Last week our MOMS Club toured Whole Foods. We do a lot of our shopping at WF, so my kids are very familiar with the store. This time was a little more exciting because we got free SAMPLES! Yum! We started in produce with a sample of a yellow carrot. I will be honest and say that I never knew those existed. They were sweet, but we learned they're not as nutrient rich as their orange cousins. Up slices, tomatoes, and a banana. But wait, save your banana so you can slather on some freshly ground honey-roasted peanut butter. Mmmmmm!

Next we moved on to the seafood counter and learned how WF rates their seafood (based on the producer's eco-friendliness) and had a sample of shrimp (the girls' fave). We also tasted sausage, cereal, and vanilla almond milk. Our tour ended up in the restaurant section of the store where we grabbed a pizza to share. Everyone had a slice (or two) and left with full bellies.

The tour touched on many topics that are important (nutrition), including several relevant to our current study of global warming (eating local, sustainability, etc). It was a great field trip!

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