Friday, August 26, 2011

Dog days of summer!

Keeping with tradition, Punky brought a virus home from her well-check at the pediatrician. Fortunately, it was a summer cold and not the nasty tummy troubles. Unfortunately, she passed it to me and I was down for the count. It's never good when Mom is sick! Never fear—Ginger Pye to the rescue! She was more than happy to cuddle with me and lift my spirits. (Remind me later that she's not allowed in the bed.)

Later, after my nap, the big girls went to Kids' Night Out where Belle takes gymnastics. That meant a special date with Punky and Hubby. She provided endless entertainment! She chased Avery Copper around with this doll-size straw hat. Every time Avery would stand still, Punky would put the hat on her head and say, "Yeehaw!"

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