Thursday, August 11, 2011

A break in the heatwave!

Today was a nice family day. We woke up to a very overcast sky. This was exciting because it brought us relief from an extended heatwave. We've been at/above 100 degrees for 40 days. Two more days and we'd tie the record, 3 more and we break it. I'll be honest, I feel like we've been sweating for so long that we deserve to say we set a new record. But, if there's a chance of rain, clouds (relief for the power grid and a/c unit), and the chance to play outside...well, I'll settle for just another heatwave.

Because it's just cute when kids fall asleep eating a meal:

Cloudy skies!

Happy kidlets, excited to play outside without sweating!

Punky helping Daddy walk Ginger Pye.

We're still working a lot around the house getting things organized and rearranging. We did more of that today. Assembling a shelf, cleaning out old DVDs, etc. During this process, we decided to start going through old VHS tapes to see what hidden treasures we could find. They are, of course, unmarked. The first thing I found was a recording of D's first solo flight, back in 1993. I have seen it, but the kids had not. We had to watch that one as a family. Punky was so excited about the airplane, and kept talking about her grandparents (who were in the video). Sunshine and Belle were SO entertained by D's big hair and insanely baggy shorts.

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