cut, fray, frazzle, make ragged, reduce, shave, sliver, strip, tatter, tear

These are all synonyms for how I spent my afternoon. Shredding. All kinds of papers. It was so therapeutic!!! (Hmmm, maybe I should shred pictures of old boyfriends...)

I had a basket in the file cabinet of things that I needed to file. That was my starting point. But my husband told me that all of our old statements and things like that are available online. I decided that instead of filing all of these papers, I would just shred them. I then made another pile of papers, receipts and forms that I need for tax prep. And my last pile was stuff that I'm really going to file. So that's three piles: shred, file, tax prep.

Tomorrow the goal is to call all of the utility companies and see if we can go completely paperless. We pay all of our bills online, anyway. If we can go paperless then we're saving trees, all while streamlining and becoming organized!!

Behind the "Utilities" tab in my notebook is where I keep my contact info for these companies. I keep their billing number, emergency contact (gas and electric company), URL, and any passwords.

After all of this, I condensed my files down to one standard file drawer. Now I can use the extra one to put school papers in!

Coming up tomorrow...our new book/toy shelf! I know, the excitement...well, it never ends around here!