Monday, August 11, 2008

Staying Cool on a HOT Day...

Our touristy activity today was supposed to be cool (figuratively) but it was HARD to get past the literal heat!!! We went to the USS Lexington, a retired aircraft carrier and floating museum. We really thought Thing1 would think it was neat, but it was soooo hot that the girls didn't really care what they were seeing, they just wanted air conditioning. I don't blame them. We went up to the flight deck and checked out the airplane, and we looked around on the main deck. Other than that, the girls just didn't tolerate it. We decided to head out and eat lunch at Pier was yummy! One of those hole in the wall places that adds to the taste of the food by providing excellent, personal service.

Then we headed back to the Lex for our IMAX movie called "The Fighter Pilot." It was a really neat movie about an air force pilot and his training. After the movie we made a trip to the gift shop and then headed back to the car.

We decided to detour at the CC Museum of Science and History. The Spanish government built replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria and they are housed at this museum. (The Nina is actually in the CC Marina.) We enjoyed climbing aboard the Pinta and exploring the different features of this wooden ship. Then we went back inside the museum and looked at some of the exhibits, and then let the Things play in the children's area. They had a lot of fun "fishing" from the boat, playing on the kid-size light house, and various other activities.

The girls had been asking if we could ride a ferry boat, so we figured now was a good time. We headed toward Aransas Pass to take the ferry across to Port Aransas. It was short, sweet and served its purpose. The kids thought it was pretty cool. We decided to eat at Trout House in Port Aransas and had another great seafood meal. Then we headed back to the hotel, where DH and the girls went swimming in the hotel pool. I used that time to relax and download my pics to my computer.

What a great, busy and full day!

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