Friday, July 18, 2008

Validation and the GPS (not necessarily related...)

First off, I want to thank my favorite cousin who is a realtor in Toledo, and my wonderful hubby for leaving comments. You validate my writing. Don't know why I need external validation...its my low self-esteem rearing its ugly head! GRR!

Secondly, I have to gush over my new best friend, Jill. She lives in a little electronic device inside my car. Her last name is Garmin. We haven't been friends for too long, but it was obvious from the beginning that we're soul mates. She is a back seat driver, but that's kinda what I love so much about her. She gets me where I'm going...and sometimes I have no clue where that is! My new best friend!

And a little more about my sweet feline friend...His new favorite place to lay is in my lap with his head resting on my keyboard. He sleeps more than any cat I've ever been around. And then he opens his eyes just long enough to see the arrow/cursor and bat at it. Then he's back to sleep.

And he's just as obsessed with me as I am with him. If I am not giving him proper attention (i.e. while I'm doing dishes) he will start knocking over his food/water bowls. He reminds me of my students...always acting out just to get attention, negative or otherwise!

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Jones Family said...

oh you like Jill huh well personal Daniel is my man His last name is Garmin as well. He lives in our van...crazy man...always telling me RECALCULATING...gets annoyed at times as well...hmmm maybe Jill should meet Daniel and they could have cute little Garmins...
tabula rasa from MOPS