Thursday, July 10, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Well, if Oprah can have her list of favorite things then why can't I? Of course, this doesn't mean that people will RUSH out to buy what I like, but you should!!!

Keep an Apple iPod in your pocket
I absolutely LOVE my ipod. My dear husband and children got me a new one for Mother's Day. I keep my old one in the bedroom with my favorite playlists, and my new one travels between the car and the kitchen. More on that later!

Vera Bradley Bags, a.k.a. Mommy Bags
I challenge you to show me a girl who doesn't love a good bag!! I have several VB bags...a mini backpack, diaper bag, totes, make-up bag...and my collection is still growing!

Prissy Poofs! They're just fun!
I'm not sure who loves loves this, T1 or T2. It is adorable and so much fun. You never know who you're going to be when you're wearing a poof!

Pur Minerals make-up
This make up is so much easier to put on, and it really does cover what you need it to cover. I love it, and thank my amazing sister for trying it first!

American Simplicity Dinner Plates
LOVE these square chocolate brown dinner plates! I only have 4 plates now, but I guarantee that will be changing soon! I mix and match with patterned salad plates that I found on clearance at Target a few months back. So cute, so fun, so pretty!

Yankee Candle air fresheners keep the car smelling good!
It is soooo nice to get in the hot car and have it smelling fresh. My favorite scent is lilac...reminds me of someone you may know!

Dead Sea die for (bad pun)
I got suckered into buying some Dead Sea salt from a lady at the mall. I was kinda embarrassed at first, but I adore this stuff. Makes me feel great. I tried to get DH to use it but he turned his macho nose up at the idea.

Seacret Spa nail care answered prayer
I used to have acrylic nails, and have pondered the idea of going back to them. No matter what I do I can't keep my nails looking good. They chip and crack, and I don't even bother painting them. Why should I, when I'm just going to scrub the paint off while doing dishes or cleaning the shower. This little kit is the answer to my prayers (okay, really, I don't pray about my nails).

Dove Skin Vitalizer is helping me fool people about my age!
So there is a HORRID rumor going around that I'm getting older. And, well, its kinda true. So in order to ward off wrinkle rumors, I committed to really taking care of my skin. My facial skin, to be specific. I had a coupon for this little gadget and decided to give it a whirl. Its fabulous! Now, let me be honest. I don't use it every day. The pads are technically "one time use" but I rinse them and use them over again. I use the device about 3 times a week...when I'm feeling extra flaky. Be sure to moisturize when you're done!!

I am a Snapfisherwoman
I am a devoted Snapfisherwoman. I love uploading pictures, changing backgrounds, adding borders, and then ordering my pictures. If I want them today I can pick them up at Walgreens or Staples. If I want them in a week (and I want to pay less) they will deliver my pictures to my mailbox!

Canon Digital Camera
If you look in my purse/mom-bag at any given moment, you will most likely find my camera. If its not there, look in my hand or within 5 feet of my body.

Webkinz..for the kids. Yes, the kids.
These little guys provide hours of entertainment. Uh, for the kids. Yes, the kids. That's right, THE KIDS. Not the mom. The mom never ever ever logs on. Not even just to help the kids get more Kinz Cash. Nope, not the mom. The KIDS!

Lemishine, makes my life shiny!
Our west TX water was full of calcium. This stuff was the only thing that I could put in my dishwasher to make my dishes actually come out looking clean. I still use it now to de-calcify faucets and anything with scum on it.

Blistex Cherry Infusion...SMOOCH!
Mmmmmm...luscious lips. Need I say more? Okay. Kissable lips? Wait, I'm saying too much now!

Lush...its lucious!
I am a newbie to Lush products, but am fast in love. I kinda think I'm a Lush slut. But don't tell anybody. I'll let the website speak for itself.

iHome alarm clock
This is the wonderful alarm clock I bought with my b-day money last year. It sits on my night stand and is the home of my older ipod. It is wonderful. Sounds wonderful. Has wonderful features. And wakes me easily from a wonderful night of sleep. Uh, that's good but bad at the same time.

Ped Egg, my next born child
This is my absolute most favorite foot care product ever invented. Bless you, Mr. PedEgg Inventor. I love you! My next child will be named Ped Egg.

Rubbermaid Reusable Water Bottle
So we're attempting to be greener in our house. I love this reusable water bottle because it has a big water opening. There is nothing I despise more than working hard at slurping my water when I'm thirsty on a HOT Texas afternoon!

My idol, my hero, my everything...The Pioneer Woman
If you haven't met this woman (via blog) then you must. ASAP! I love her, I want to meet her. Heck, I want to be her. Well, kinda. If I could take DH. And the Things. Anyway, I want you to know her, too!

A SHIVER in the middle of the summer heat!
My favorite summer time drink. Sooooo easy. And if you add some chocolate syrup it goes a little "Mudslide-ish"...and that's NOT a bad thing!

A meal on the go...Special K Bars
And, for breakfast on the go, this is the BEST. So yummy...sometimes I even eat it for dessert! (We've also tasted chocolate drizzle and strawberry, and they are yummy too!)

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