Friday, July 11, 2008

Craving Peace and Quiet!

Right now I'm supposed to be cleaning my bedroom. Its tidy enough (after tidying up last night) but needs a good, deep clean. Instead, I sit here typing this blog post and procrastinating. I've always been a good procrastinator. I have cleaned the bathroom, even scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees. Is that June Cleaver-ish? I did not wear a perfectly pressed skirt and apron while scrubbing, though. How disappointing.

The Things leave in the morning for grandparent camp. I'll have 8 whole days of PEACE and QUIET!!! I'm so excited. And DH will be here for 4 of those days. WOOHOOO! And Sunday just happens to be our anniversary. Coincidence? Sure, if you want to believe that! Six years of wedded bliss...

The start of our marriage...

Last weekend we took a road trip. And while we were gone we took several mini trips. Our base was Athens, TX, but we spent time in Tyler, Jacksonville and several small towns in between. The Things slept easily in the car, and don't tell dh, but I caught a few catnaps, too! But I also used this time to "corner" DH and find out what his "5 year plan" is. Hehe! Uh, he didn't have one, or so he said. Well, that frustrated and irritated me, so I decided that we needed to develop one. And we did. But the plan is confidential, and will be revealed to you in good time. Oh, wasn't that a pitiful teaser??? Stay tuned!

Oh, and if you wanna know where we went, all you have to do is ask!

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