Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm obsessed, I tell you!

Well, we've been w/o kids since Saturday. We're not bored of each other yet, so I guess we're doing well. Yesterday was our anniversary. We had a good, lunch out, exchanged gifts, dinner out, a movie. It was a nice and relaxing day. This morning I had a hair appointment and DH went running and to the bank for me. Then we met at the book store, and had lunch out. Again. I was going to cook, but we were already out. Tonight we're going bowling with my sister and some friends. Should be fun. Its been years since I went bowling!

Okay, so now onto my obsession. The cat. Well, technically, I think he's still a kitten at about 8 months. He is adorable and hilarious and fun and lovable and so much more...all rolled into one long and lean furball.

He is obsessed with T1 & T2. He follows them around the house like a puppy. They adore him, play with him, feed and water him, he is truly their cat. Well, since they're gone he is starting to follow us. He sleeps in our bed, follows us around the house, sits by the door while we're gone, etc. And I am really enjoying it. I am obsessed with this guy.

The top things I love about Houdini:
* his white whiskers...against the black fur on his face...adorable!
* he flops onto his back at a moment's notice so I can scratch his belly. like a dog, without the stink. and he just lays there during his belly massage and eats up the attention. like a dog, without the stink.
* he has exactly 7 white hairs on his little black nose. and they're cute. his nose is so stinkin' cute!
* he has the cutest little kitty teeth. when he smiles for me (rather, when i lift his lip up) i can see all of them. and they're soooo tiny!
* his fur is S-O-F-T! and sleek. and healthy. and he is sooo pretty!
* he isn't afraid to wear his tuxedo around the house. and he's so handsome in it!!
* he's not afraid to chase his own tail. even if it means falling off of whatever perch he's chilling on.
* he loves to stalk the dog. and it provides us with hours of entertainment!
* he never tires of getting a good belly rub. and i listed this one twice. because cats aren't always into belly rubs and he is. and he is REALLY into them. so it deserves two spots.
* he talks a lot and i love to listen.
* he chatters when he sees the birds thru the window, and i think its cool he'll let us see his inner animal.
* he isn't needy, but lets us love him.

I'm obsessed with him. I will think of many more things that I love and then I will post about him again. Because he is my new baby (when he wants to be).


Jody Zink, Toledo, OH. said...

I love the kitty pics! He is very cute. And I counted exactly 7 white hairs, just like you said! I'm obsessed with my cat, too. Ed always hates it when we're out someplace, we see someone we know, and I say, "Hey, want to see pics of my cat?"

To him, the only thing good about that is that it involves the iPhone.

Desert Mom said...

I love that you show of pics of Ted! He's definitely picture-worthy!