Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sleep study for the beagle???

I'm sitting here watching a rerun of Grey's Anatomy and enjoying the silence. DH got to come home tonight, as he ended up in the big city this afternoon. Yeah! What a nice treat in the middle of the rotation.

Its quiet in here, the t.v. is really low, and somebody is snoring. Thing1 & Thing2 are in bed reading, DH is in the study, and the only other living thing in this room is the beagle. She's sprawled out in her doggy bed, snoring louder than the television. I looked over at her and her eyes are open. So, is she asleep with her eyes open, or so out of it while she's awake that she's snoring? Does the vet's office have a sleep lab? It doesn't bother me that she snores while I'm on the computer or watching t.v. The only time I'm bothered is in the middle of the night, when I'm trying to sleep, too. I usually blame the snoring on DH. I nudge him (ever so gently) and tell him to roll over. But, as you know, there are many nights that something is snoring in my room and DH is hundreds of miles away. Guess who it is!! And if I nudge her or say her name she just ignores me. The snoring never stops!

The best solution is to kick the dog out of the room. However, she is somewhat spoiled (rotten) and must sleep next to her master's bed (even if he's not there). I tried keeping her in a crate in the kitchen but she howls. And if I put her outside, she barks allllll night. She likes to communicate with the Irish Setter next door, but she has a braying beagle bark that is fairly obnoxious. AHHHH!!! or shall I say WOOOOOOF!

The beagle also has an ear infection. Looks like tomorrow I'll be making a trip to the vet. I guess I'll ask her about the sleep study! :-)

Disclaimer: All animals were sawing logs during the making of this post.


Jody Zink said...

You know, my cat Ted snores sometimes. It's just so cute.

Desert Mom said...

I think Avery's snoring stopped being cute when she started waking us up! :-)