Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Raining Cats and Dogs

Yesterday the high was 97, with the heat index way over 100. Today's high is only supposed to be 78 (and right now, noon, its only 65). Would someone explain to me how this works? And if it can be 78 on July 27th, why can't it be 78 all year long? (I'll start working on my complaint letter to Mother Nature later after this entry.)

The animals are stir crazy. I didn't even have to watch the weather to know the barometric pressure was moving up. Thing1 & Thing2 started going wild right after naps yesterday. I swear they're like horses, running back and forth across the house because they knew the rain was coming. The rain actually started about bedtime, so guess what!!!! Nobody wanted to go to bed! Thing2 ate dinner, then realized I was eating with Thing1 (we were not home at dinnertime) so she demanded another feeding, and scarfed a half a can of sliced carrots. I mean, if you're going to stay up late, you might as well go whole hog and ask for ice cream or something. But carrots? What kind of kid am I raising?

Thing1 had horse camp today. I was feeling like shopping, so I took Thing2 to an 80% off sale. I bought the animals some Christmas presents. Nothing like Christmas preparations on a typical Texas winter July. Raise your hand if you love Texas weather! The store we decided to hit has little strollers with baskets attached for all of the goodies the animals sneak in when you least expect it. I strapped Thing2 into the stroller and we were off. Unfortunately, this particular store also forgets that people have to push these strollers through the walkways, so they put the racks of clothes and BREAKABLES really close together. We stayed out of the breakables today, but I did have to place many garments back on the clothing racks that someone else pulled down. Wonder who... She would pull something down and talk about how pretty it was. Her favorite purchase was an Elmo shirt, that she proudly wore as we strolled through the rest of the store. We even paid for it early, because we didn't want any suspicions of the 5-finger discount.

Thing1 is still having a great time at horse camp. She came home with mud up to her knees but it didn't phase her. Her enthusiasm for horses is spilling over into Thing2. However, Thing2's enthusiasm is for cows. We were driving today and she said, "See a moo, Moma?" We usually pull over anytime we spot a pasture full of cattle. She stares at them, and then spends the next 45 minutes trying to sound just like one. She gets pretty excited about most other animals, also. Today we were driving on a slushy caliche road when the announcement was made. I slowed to a crawl, but since I had already fish-tailed into horse camp, I elected not to stop completely. I received a lot of criticism for this decision.

Yesterday the critter loving family took a monthly field trip to the pet store. We love to walk through and visit all of the potential friends. The fish are pretty fun, but yesterday we spent most of our time with the fire-belly toads and the snails. Thing1 has a fascination with snails. She even has a pet snail, Tickly (who happens to have hundreds of clones living all over our yard). We decided to pick up a new fish friend, who is appropriately named Bubbles III (don't ask about I & II, the day is already rainy). We are calling him BIII, and Daddy is handing full fish responsibilities to Mommy. I think BIII is the easiest creature I care for, to be honest. We also fell into like with a feline friend, Haley, but she makes me sneeze and I don't want to scoop poop inside and outside the house. The beagle is relieved, I am sure. She doesn't care about the fish because he can't (technically) sit in anyone's lap. She's still not sure why Thing2 has to sit in Daddy's lap sometimes.

**Disclaimer: Animals were making a huge mess while eating spaghetti-o's during the production of this entry. But alas, after clean-up it is naptime. :wink:

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