Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Animals Need Obedience Training

Today we got to "sleep in" because DH was on a late flight. That meant I got up before anyone to be at HEB since I didn't go last night. As a reward for myself (and because I NEEDED it), I stopped at Starbucks for a grande cafe mocha on the way home. I got here and my children and 2 other charges were high on sugar. Ahhhh...donuts for breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I love donuts. But donuts with pink icing and sugar sprinkles in 4 kids who I am responsible for...WOW! My house was perfect pandemonium.

Now as I sit here I can hear some arguing. I'm trying to allow the kids to learn the fine art of diplomacy all on their own. This was always a hard task for me as a teacher, and as a mother it is also proving difficult. I just want to step in and make it all better. In my mind I rationalize that my children will learn from my example. In my heart I know I'm doing them a disservice. So I sit here trying to hear what is going on without making my presence known. My five year old (female) and my three year old charge (male) are "discussing" who should fly the airplane...Barbie or Ken. I believe my 5 year old has won, because I (the newly proclaimed mediator) have verified that girls can be pilots, too. My chest is swelling with pride as I realize my child might single-handedly eliminate gender discrimination within the airline industry. That is, if she can also be a doctor, dentist and princess at the same time. She has lofty it should be.

My drink is emptying more rapidly than I would like. Suddenly I'm wishing I had super-sized to the "venti", and now I've changed my mind again as I realize how rapidly my thoughts are moving through my brain. Do you ever think faster than you type and you notice you've skipped words? Or even sentences? This post will definitely have to be edited.

I'll close by saying that the reason for this exciting blog is to allow me an opportunity to express myself. Generally I don't have anything to say that would interest most people, except that the animals living in my house do draw some attention from time to time. I will try not to offend anyone, but I'm not making any promises either! Please feel free to leave comments, if my random musings inspire you to do so.

**Disclaimer: There were no animals injured during the production of this entry.

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Katie's Dad said...

I am so impressed! You had me laughing out loud. I can hardly wait to hear what happens next!!


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