Distance learning road blocks

Access to technology is something many of us take for granted. Now, more than ever, our families are relying on digital connectivity to make life happen.

I ordered groceries online and expect a delivery this week. A local business is selling their food supplies since they don't have enough customers to use it up, and you can order online and pick up at the curb. Neighbors are sharing needed items via social media. Families are video chatting with loved ones. And students all over the country are being asked to log in to various digital platforms to complete assignments and attend virtual classes. But what if you don't have access? What if you don't have equipment? This is a very serious reality many schools will have to deal with, but first they're sorting out nutritional concerns. As always, we can't expect kids to learn on an empty stomach.

I'm still hiding out at home, but wanted to do my part to help however I can. There is a lot of information and it's a bit jumbled, so I took what I could find and created a simplified chart. I hope this helps someone, somewhere. Realistically, those who don't have internet aren't going to see this, so please feel free to pass this information along to those who may need it. Even the wealthy school districts have students who may be in need, and families who may suddenly find themselves in the midst of financial struggle.

Be kind, and wash your hands!