Many on social media use their online space each November to post things for which they are thankful. I have done this in the past and have enjoyed reading my old posts over the last several weeks. I didn't participate in the 30 days of gratitude challenge this year, so today I will list 30 things.
Of course, there are more than 30 but this is a good start. :) 1. My faith. 2. My precious children. 3. My friends, particularly those who truly are like family. 4. Adoption. 5. Foster parents. 6. Medicine, both conventional and holistic. 7. My education and my desire to continue learning as an adult. 8. My freedom of expression. 9. My church family. 10. My freedom to homeschool our children. 11. The support of our village in homeschooling our children (our community and our extended family). 12. My cozy home. 13. Utilities that are often taken for granted: fresh water, electricity, etc. 14. My dependable vehicle. 15. The means to provide nourishment for my family. 16. Organizations working hard to do good in the world (Heifer, International Child Care, Red Cross/Red Crescent, etc). 17. Text messaging capabilities. Let's face it: I prefer texting to talking most times. 18. That said, I love being able to call my family members and hear their voices. It amazes me how quickly time flies when I'm talking to my parents. 19. My kids' compassionate hearts. They amaze me. 20. I'm thankful for our menagerie. I have always been crazy and a cat lover, I've always loved dogs, and I've never been able to turn down most little creatures. Our current count is 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 hedgehog, and 1 fish. I do believe we're at max capacity! 21. Campfires. 22. Safety & security. These are things I definitely take for granted, but not anymore. 23. Diversity. 24. The internet. (Thanks, Al Gore. hehe) 25. Nature. 26. Books. Libraries. Book stores. Kindles. 27. Libraries. (I decided this one gets its own number.) 28. My siblings. Constant support, listening ears, and a never ending supply of laughter. 29. My parents. Loving, giving, protective. 30. My husband. His dedication to our family and incredible work ethic inspire me to be a better wife, mom, and person. I never shy away from talking about how much I love him but don't often give specific examples of why I love him...he is my rock, my steadfast support. He lifts my spirits when I'm down, calms my nerves when I'm anxious, and supports me even when he's shaking his head at my craziness. He respects me as his equal, and has never put me down for "not working" or asked me what I do all day. He understands and appreciates my contributions to our family. His compassionate heart knows no limits. He does for others before thinking of himself. He gives freely and without expectation. He laughs and encourages laughter from others. He is thoughtful and understanding, he is my peace & calm. As we move out of our Thanksgiving season into Advent, I hope everyone continues to reflect on the blessings in their lives. We truly should show gratitude every day.


ECW74 said…
She much too be thankful for always and yet it is so easy to forget to keep a grateful heart.