Sunday, December 08, 2013

Ice Day Boredom Buster: Painting ice!

Ahhh, north Texas winter.  What fun!  As I sit here on this third day being iced in, I'm incredibly thankful that my children (for the most part) enjoy togetherness.  My only regret is that my husband can't be home with us during our forced vacation from crazy schedules.

I'm also thankful that we stocked up on groceries and toilet paper, and that we have an overabundance of craft supplies.  :)

Until today, the girls have spent hours (off and on) outside, playing in the ice.  Ice isn't quite as much fun as a snow day, but if you get creative, the whole yard is your canvas!  My girlies located spray bottles, filled them with colored water, and painted the yard.  It's beautiful to see their colorful creations when I look out the window. (Shiver!)

PS...Sunshine didn't participate in the ice play, but I did convince her to go outside and take photos for me while I made lunch.  Thanks, Sunshine!

Punky & Alorah, bundled up and ready to go!

Belle paints the tree!

This is also good for Punky's fine motor muscles...squeeeeeeze that spray bottle!

Colorful ice!

Don't you dare!

Adding some color to the trampoline net.

And a few bouncing sprays!

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