Thursday, March 29, 2012


We wanted to make Punky some little toys that she can squeeze without hurting or breaking.  I was cleaning out the pantry and found some leftover rice flour.  We have no need for the flour and it has approaching expiration date.  I picked it up and felt just enough resistance when I squeezed the bag.  And it hit me...squeezies out of balloons and rice flour.  Perfect!

With the help of my wonderful hubby, we made a few squeezies.  Our process developed and by the last one we had it down.
1.  Use a funnel to fill a water bottle about half full of rice flour.

 2.  Blow up a balloon and place over the opening of the water bottle.

3.  Turn balloon/bottle over and gently squeeze bottle to force flour into the balloon.

4.  Remove bottle from balloon, allow air to flow out (can make a bit of a mess), and tie off balloon.  Remove end of balloon.
5.  Stretch another balloon and force flour filled balloon inside.  Stretch out and cut opening off balloon.

Now you have a squeeeeeezie, too!  This is great for fine motor development, but also good if your kiddo is a squeezer and looking for just the right amount of resistance.

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