Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Daddy made me toy!"

...that's what Punky said when she remembered the toy her daddy made last night!

Last week at book club, one of our friends brought some cute, homemade toys.  Her daughter received them from an aunt...what a great idea!  All of the kiddos in attendance enjoyed playing with them.  I knew we had supplies at home to make one of the toys for Punky.  Perfect for sensory play and fine motor fun!

I keep craft supplies in my craft cupboard in old, repurposed containers.  I love the trail mix containers from Target for feathers, ribbon, pom pom balls, beads, etc.  I figured we could let Punky have the one with pom pom balls as a toy, but still use the balls out of it every now and then when we are crafting.  I can easily replace the pom poms, and there's a place to tuck this out of sight when she tires of it (and then I can pull it back out later, good as new!).

My hubby, who sometimes flinches when I mention a project but never says no, happily obliged when I asked him to work on this.  I am sure I could have drilled the holes myself, but I was working on a kitchen project (a.k.a. dinner).  I asked him to make the holes big enough that she could easily push the pom poms thru, but not so big that she could just drop them in.  I want her to use her little pinchers and pointers, after all.  After he realized he didn't have the right size drill bit, he decided to improvise a little.  After drilling he used a lighter to clean the edges.

Now we have the perfect toy.  All we're lacking is a little decoration to cover the trail mix label, which I'm sure Punky will help with after rest time!

After pushing all of the pom poms in, Punky tried to shake them out like a salt shaker.  I showed her how to twist the lid off.  She's still twisting back and forth (without making progress) so just before she showed signs of great frustration I helped her remove the lid.  She loves dumping the pom poms out to make it rain.  Then, the container becomes a robot head, mask, shoes, etc.  This toy is so much fun wrapped up in one container!

Thanks to my friend for sharing these ideas.  I'm still working on the others!

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Dylan said...

I'm glad she is having fun wit it and that she remembers that I made it!

rachelle | tinkerlab said...

What a great way to repurpose a container! Punky looks so happy! Thanks for sharing this with me, Nikki! And your blog is wonderful. :)