Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Punky turned two!  Leading up to her birthday I found a ton of fun airplane party stuff on Pinterest.  I realllllly wanted to go with an airplane theme, realizing that this was probably the last year I could convince one of my kids that they should let me pick the theme.  She did offer input...every time I asked what she wanted at her party she said, "Pink and blue!  Pink party hats!"  So there we go.  A pink and blue airplane party with pink hats.  I can do this!  

Opening presents on her birthday morning, with the help of her big sisters.

A new bike!

Breakfast and Dora!

Sunshine & Belle had art club that morning, so Punky went along and created a masterpiece!

Ewwww, a little too close and got a taste of bubble solution.


Daddy built an airplane out of boxes for the kids to enjoy and practice their maneuvers.

Baggage Claim:  Goody bags!

Everyone enjoyed their meal in First Class.

The table decorations.

Balloon clouds.

Punky stealing cloud seeds (a.k.a. marshmallows)

My original plan was to dip these in white chocolate, but I ran out of time and my hubby suggested that we lave them alone and call them what they were..."Plane" pretzels.

Contrail candy (a.k.a. cotton candy)

Waffle clouds, drizzled with white chocolate.

In flight meals.

Belle the pilot!

Airplanes made out of candy and hair ties.

Sunshine the pilot!

Daddy the pilot?!??!?!!!   

It was a drizzly, cold day outside, so we stayed in and played with the Little People airport set.

We also had paints and airplanes with hinged wings/propellor.

Prop wash punch!

Beverage service:

Goody bag items:

My sweet friend made this shirt for Punky.  It was the perfect match for party day...and we love it!

The cake, paper airplanes designed by Daddy.

I love her face, listening to everyone sing.

Presents again!

A silly friend hiding in the Dora couch.

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