Monday, November 14, 2011

11.14.03...Eight years.

We have been talking a lot about National Adoption Month in our home. It obviously means a lot to our family and we want to advocate for adoption. With permission from my daughter, I am sharing a bit more of our story here. Again, I will leave out details that compromise her privacy. I have said it before and will say it a million more times (and hope that other adoptive parents stand by the same philosophy): the details of her story are hers to tell, when and to whom she chooses. 

Eight years ago this morning, I woke up after actually sleeping very little. I woke up feeling hugely pregnant. I woke up excited and nervous. I woke up ready to put something behind me that caused much stress, but also created a family. I didn't give birth that day...not in the literal sense. But after many "labor pains" we celebrated the growth of our family.

 Memorable moments...
*On the way to court, my mom got a speeding ticket. She was just a little excited. Makes me laugh to think about it now, but hey, this was her first grandkid we're talking about!
 *Watching my husband stand up for our family, I was amazed by his strength. I don't know why because I always knew it was there. On days when I'm feeling down, I can think back to that moment and I feel strong, too.
 *Seeing a room full of people ready to celebrate our growing family. Those were the people who stood beside us when we needed them, who supported us though an unconventional process. Those people encouraged us and loved us and reminded us how important this was. People who helped us in ways we didn't know we'd need help when the adventure began. Those are the same people we turn to today if we need support and encouragement.

 The most memorable moment, when the judge finally said those words, finally called her by her full name that matched ours, and we walked out of the courtroom for the last time.

  Happy adoption day to my sweet girl. Happy adoption day to our entire FAMILY!

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