Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week in Review: July 31-August 6

What a crazy week...but aren't they all!?! We stayed really busy with book club, robotics, gymnastics, movie night, American Girl Club, a Back2School party, student council meeting, and some swimming! This really was just a typical week of running in circles to get it all done. We are busy but we're having fun!

One of the highlights of the week was baking cookies. Anytime the kids get to help in the kitchen they are elated. But when you suggest baking cookies in the car, well, it's a science experiment! We drive a black car with almost black interior. The temperature on the dash of the car, in full sun, was high enough to bake chocolate chip cookies. They were still gooey, but edible! The kids enjoyed a sweet treat and the opportunity for learning with their friends.

Punky nursing her baby:

Anything that folds (or doesn't) has become a computer. She will sit and say, "I typin' on the 'puter!" and then wiggle her fingers around. So sweet!

Mmmmmm! Cookies!

Bouncing fun at the Back2School party!

Hide n Seek at the Back2School party!

Playing Wii with Grandpa & Grandma:


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