Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to the grind...or not. :)

In a normal year, we'd be back to school by this point. I'm not exactly sure what makes this year different, but it is. Well, I'm sure it has something to do with our classroom transformation (post and pictures later). We're also cleaning out our house in preparation for a garage sale. It is definitely chaotic!

This week we get to spend a few days with my sweet nephew, as my sister (a school teacher) has started her back-to-school workdays. We tried to structure our day a little since we had an extra kiddo. I'm also easing my kids back into a routine (or as close as we're able to with a busy, daily-changing schedule). Today we had certain times to do things throughout the day: meals and snacks, a movie time, playtime, game time, school work and a field trip to Young Chef's Academy with Belle's scout troop.

Our school work was ultra-light...Sunshine did puzzles and colored with Punky, while Belle and the token boy worked from summer bridge books. The point was to have them sit and work on something for a short period of time. Then, they got right back to playing!

Bubba working in his summer bridge book.

Belle working in her bridge book.

Sunshine & Punky playing with a new puzzle!

My favorite young chefs (and Punky, who stole the teacher's heart *and* s'more).

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