Wednesday, February 25, 2009

14 days of Love

Valentine's Day used to be my dreaded holiday. And then I met DH. What a gift...a true blessing in my life.

Beginning February 1, I sent my husband the lyrics to a love song (via email) each day. Music speaks to me. I feel it. I love it. I live (some of) it.

I decided to share the list of songs that I emailed him. It was a lot of fun, and on Valentine's Day, part of his gift was a CD with the songs. I love to listen to the playlist when he's gone to work and I'm longing for him.

1. I Knew I Loved You
2. Thank You for Loving Me
3. Glory of Love
4. Faithfully
5. Almost Paradise
6. Just the Way You Are
7. To Make You Feel My Love
8. Love Remains the Same
9. Lost in Your Eyes
10. I Love You for Sentimental Reasons
11. Kissing
12. When I See You Smile
13. When You Say You Love Me
14. Because You Love Me (from our wedding!!)

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