Monday, November 10, 2008

Invasion!!!! Foreign animals seeking asylum!

Yesterday I was in the girls' room reading with them. I looked over and saw a HUGE mountain of dirty clothes. I swear, dirties multiply in the hamper! Knowing that both girls would be gone to school today, I put off the laundry for a little while longer.

This morning, after downing a cup of coffee to prepare me, I bravely sorted the mountain of laundry into 3 huge piles...while standing in the girls' room listening to something rustle around. I think its a squirrel running around on the roof. DH thinks its a raccoon living in our attic. He investigated: arming himself with a flashlight he climbed thru the attic access in our hallway. Much to my dismay. We have another access in the garage, which made much more sense to me. I mean, what if the critter ran down the attic steps and INTO my HOUSE?????? EEEEEEEEEEK! His response, "Then catch it!" I tightly closed the bedroom door until he was done with the critter search. (I resisted the temptation to pull the dressers in front of the door. I felt confident that the critter would be deterred by the doorknob concept.)

There was no evidence of invasion in the attic, so I stand behind my theory. The squirrels climb up the crepe myrtle in front of the girls' bedroom window and use the roof as their playground/obstacle course. I've seen them do it from the outside, but never thought it would be this noisy on the inside! I'm still praying that I'm right...I don't want to think about what critters could be living in my attic. :::SHUDDER:::


Judy Hoch said...

I know what you mean about dirty clothes multiplying in the hamper! I also believe that one sock from every pair must run away from home in the night, LOL!

Dylan said...

Pesky little squirrels. They evade my trap. They ignore my squirrel repellent granules. I know they're laughing at me right now.