Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation: The End! So sad...

This morning was a sad morning. The final day of vacation. The final trip to the beach (for the year). We didn't waste much time...we got up and got dressed, loaded up the car and stopped in at Sonic for breakfast on the way to the beach. There weren't too many people on the beach first thing on a Sunday morning, so we had a pretty good stretch all to ourselves. The girls finished their breakfast while the shell fairy did her work. :) We had been finding a lot of shells over the past few days, but decided to buy some BIG, fancy shells at the souvenir shop to really excite the girls (thanks to Aunt Rita for the suggestion!). They each found about 10 shells and a sand dollar. It was all very exciting and provided a lot of entertainment. Then it was a last turn on the surf board for each, and one last sandcastle. The four of us held hands and walked into the water one last time. We said, "Thank you!" to the beach for all the fun it provided and promised to come back soon!!!

Back to the hotel for one last rinse off and packing up the car. We were headed back to Momo's house, back to visit our new baby cousin and her big sisters. Back to reality!!!

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