Monday, August 11, 2008

First Boat Ride

Its the last full day of our vacation and we're going on a boat ride. Thing2's first boat ride ever. Well, since she was in utero. :) She was so excited to ride the boat. But as soon as we walked up to buy our tickets she smelled the popcorn. Then she was sooooo excited to eat some popcorn!!! The boat was a river boat style complete with a paddle wheel on back. It was 3 levels and we spent some time cruising on each one. The tour took us up the coast line on a mini harbor tour of CC. Then we went out a little bit into deeper waters. In the bay area we saw lots of cabbage head jellyfish. The girls were so scared to "fall in" the water until the captain of the ship told us that these jellyfish do not sting. Then, when we went out deeper, we saw a dolphin jump 3 times!!!! It was spectacular! The Things each got a miniature stuffed dolphin to remember our sighting, and a snack to finish off the boat ride.

Then it was on to Joe's Crab Shack for some YUMMY lunch! Thing1 excitedly ordered the kids crab legs. She was so happy to "work" for her dinner. She splattered crab juice all over herself...thank goodness for the bibs! DH and I shared a steampot (crablegs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn). Thing2 ordered breaded shrimp, and again peeled the breading off and ate the shrimp. She kept telling us she was, "peeling off the bad stuff."

After leaving Joe's we stopped in the marina to see the Nina and then headed back to the hotel. We made one quick stop at another souvenir shop to take pictures in front of the store. The front is a huge sand castle, shells and a mermaid. The kids had fun walking around. Then we went in and each girl was allowed to get a tshirt and one other souvenir that would remind them of our trip. Thing1 got a shell necklace with a dolphin charm. Thing2 finally decided on a fish shaped kite.

Then it was time to head to the hotel and get changed for the beach. We spent another couple hours at the beach. "Surfing" is the beach activity of choice, but the girls also love digging for sand crabs and building castles. I think they could stay there for as long as we'd allow. But, alas, the sun went down and it was time to head out. We had a hotel picnic for dinner and ended the night watching the Olympics!

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