Thursday, July 24, 2008

My dad and texting (totally related)

My dad is fairly well rounded. He knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things. He knows how to use tools. He knows how to operate heavy machinery. He can even (after a few lessons) operate the DVD player in his car. And I think he knows how to work the one in the house. Though I think he did have to get rid of an alarm clock once after my brother went to college, only because my brother was the only one who knew how to set it. That still makes me laugh. Anyway...

My dad and computers, well, they get along barely. For example, if Dad wants to look something up on Craigslist, he's pretty competent. He can check his email and even reply. And his typing, well, if I can brag a much improved!

Moving to the cell phone: If you call Dad on his cell and get voice mail, I'm pretty sure you'll hear my sister's voice. And I'm pretty sure that's because he didn't know how to set the message. And that's works. Though it might be slightly confusing. Recently Dad had a "run-in" with Sprint customer service and ended up with a very nice monthly plan. That includes unlimited texting. That just makes me laugh. I asked Dad if he was going to use it and he said no. Come to find out, he's a texter! But only if you text him first (which I learned when I asked why he hasn't texted me). So I sent him a message last week. And I received a reply:
"got it. be safe. love you."

I know you're thinking, "Woop-de-doo..." Unless you know my dad. And them I'm sure you're thoroughly impressed. As was I.

Dad, I'm proud of you!

I'm not exactly sure who took this picture of my dad. It was at my birthday dinner and someone else had the camera. But it makes me laugh. And its my most recent pic of him. And after he sees this, he might disown me. :wink:

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