Monday, July 25, 2005

Calling Animal Control

I think I just made a fatal parenting error. Let me back track. I am willing to bet that I could tell you a story and you could figure it out all on your own. It was that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the first day of horse camp. We had a great morning. Everybody woke up in a super mood. I even wrote a big smiley face on the calendar. I knew I was tempting fate. After all, its Monday. The animals ate breakfast and we headed off to the stables. Thing1 had her bright red boots and new sparkly horse shirt on. She was stylish. Still arguing about whether she's a horsegirl or a cowgirl. I think this is one of those lesser battles that she will just figure out over time. I officially gave up. She's now a "horsegirl princess".

Camp was great. She was much younger than the other horsegirls and horseboys. She still had fun. When she got home we talked about how well she did, even though the other kids are older and more experienced. Then I told her, "You know what? You can do anything you want to at all, because you're Thing1! (insert real name here)" Her response: "Really? Wow! Thanks, Moma!" That is when she turned to walk away.

The response I received was not a heartfelt, "Gee, Mom, it means so much that you think I could be anything in the world." Honestly, I wouldn't expect that. I mean, hey, she's five years old. But her response was definitely an in-the-moment response. She came back in the room clad in a sequin dress and announced, "This is what I'm wearing for my nap today!" My mouth started to open in objection, and she simply stated, "I can do anything I want, Moma!"

**Disclaimer: No animals were injured during the events of this entry. However, the jury is still out on whether animal control has this situation contained.

PS...Can you guess what time it is? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....................

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